Zeev Shechter
Zeev ShechterCEO, Magalcom
Ronen Edelstein
Ronen EdelsteinVP, Financial Technologies
Yechiam Peer
Yechiam PeerVP, Projects
Zohar Daphne
Zohar DaphneVP, Sales
Manny Kaiser
Manny KaiserVP, International Sales

Magalcom’s organization comprises of a team of experienced managers who mostly rose through the ranks of the company while filling field force as well as corporate roles.

The fact that management has developed its grass roots in the company and has a good grasp of its surroundings, establishes a key distinction between Magalcom and other organizations within its eco-system. Management is fully committed to the company’s success. This commitment comes from a complete identification with the company’s, an uncompromising commitment to improving the level of customer service over decades, and the nurturing of personal relationships with customers.

It creates a unique situation of cooperative connections and fruitful work for over decades between the company and customers. Magalcom’s management views this as an overriding testimony to choosing the right path, and acts vigorously to instill these values in all tiers of the company to advance the level of its customer service.