Magalcom leverages its expertise in networking, information security and communications to advance complex transportation projects with leading customers; from the Israel Airport Authority to the leading public transport organizations.
<b>Government and Security</b>
Government and Security
Magalcom integrates and implements best-of-breed government and security, solutions for enterprise, public-sector, and governmental organizations nationwide.
<b>Local Government</b>
Local Government
Municipalities have special communication and security needs but choosing the right solution for each municipality has become confusing… until now.
<b>Finance and Insurance</b>
Finance and Insurance
With a background of nearly three decades, Magalcom continues to solve finance and banking challenges through best-of-breed products and services. We have partnered with the region’s leading bank and finance institutions to offer a rich platform of finance and trading room solutions.
<b>Industry and Trade</b>
Industry and Trade
Magalcom has been providing industry-leading network and communication solutions for customers across multiple industries for close to three decades.
Magalcom hi-tech provides a broad portfolio of network solutions that meet the IT industry’s specific business challenges.
Increasing budget constraints and limited IT employees and support have put colleges and universities under pressure to rely on their network provider more than ever before.
The healthcare sector faces tough network and connectivity challenges.