The broad areas of activity, and the fact that all the technologies implemented are based on company employees’ expertise, enables Magalcom to provide its customers with a wide range of services in a one-stop-shop.

Our ability to directly manage our own manpower and backup processes enables us to commit to contracts demanding short response times. Anyone experienced in receiving services knows the situation where some service providers blame each other for a given problem, and the customer falls between two stalls. Magalcom’s customers spare themselves from this kind of situation – they receive full and comprehensive responsibility, from one service provider, end-to-end.

There is no other company in Israel that can offer this kind of broad maintenance service under one body.

Systems under the jurisdiction of Magalcom SLA agreements include:

Servers, workstations, communication equipment, infrastructures, telephony switchboards, electro-mechanic systems of computing rooms, control systems, low voltage systems, etc.

Magalcom’s Triple-R

Triple-R is a new service offered by Magalcom. Our technologies department developed an innovative service for real time remote backing of customer’s servers. This service is based on:

  • Remote data backup
  • Fast and efficient data restoration
  • Instant disaster recovery

The benefits of 3R service:

  • Remotely protecting organization’s data, in a safe site that is available immediately
  • Restoring or returning a document written 30 minutes ago
  • Restoration of accidently deleted document
  • Reporting of documents that were deleted or vanished
  • The ability of the user to restore his information without technical intervention
  • Information backup with no dependency on tapes, backup software and the human factor (tape inserting)
  • The ability to quickly restore information for a given point of time before damaging the company’s systems
  • The ability to open emails, meetings and task information even if the mail server is not active
  • The ability to quickly and easily restore information from one month /year or any other given time
  • Backup of notebooks when they are connected to the network, with no dependency in the time the servers are being backed up
  • Technical support by the network managers of Magalcom in routine and in emergency cases
  • Professional manpower -contrary to other DRP, storage or remote backup sites, that provide backup only for data, we believe that in the critical moment, the customer needs professional manpower that will assist him to restore the system and to return to productivity as soon as possible. This is the essence and the true uniqueness of the 3R service from Magalcom.