<b>Data Centers</b>
Data Centers
Magalcom is a leading supplier in design, development, maintenance and support of computer rooms, server rooms and data centers.
<b>Communication Infrastructure</b>
Communication Infrastructure
Over 30 years of experience in constructing thousands of projects of any scope, in any sector and complexity stands tantamount to the success of the next project
<b>Security Systems</b>
Security Systems
Magalcom provides a diverse range of security systems at the forefront of global technology. These solutions are based on unique field proven capabilities in infrastructure, IP communication, IT and security.
<b>Dealing Rooms</b>
Dealing Rooms
Magalcom had designed and developed a new generation of dealing rooms in all the banks in Israel including: Hapoalim, Mizrahi, Igud, Leumi, Beinleumi, Discount, and Mercantile Discount.
<b>Control Rooms</b>
Control Rooms
State of the art solutions integrating latest technologies provided by worldwide leading vendors
<b>Networking/Security/<br />
Company’s expert networking engineers provide superior cost performance solutions
<b>Magalcom Managed Services</b>
Magalcom Managed Services
A 24X7 NOC monitors customer’s facilities and networks