Increasing budget constraints and limited IT employees and support have put colleges and universities under pressure to rely on their network provider more than ever before.

Magalcom’s education network expertise and comprehensive suite of services has delivered more dynamic, interactive learning environments for leading schools and universities for close to three decades.

Colleges and universities require scalable networks to meet shifting network needs. From data transport, to real-time communication, IT in higher education is focused on serving the needs of students and faculty.

Magalcom’s network, security and communication solutions provide a backbone for the connected campus. We ensure speed and reliability, as well as expansive capacity to meet the high-bandwidth needs of tens of thousands of students campus-wide.

We help education institutions implement well-planned and robust network architectures and infrastructures, improve communications with teachers, students and staff, provide increasingly wireless environments, ensure safety and security and create rich opportunities for effective collaboration.

We partner with industry leaders to provide comprehensive solutions. We understand that student mobility, secured information, privacy, and safety of the network are critical to a well-developed education network solution.

Some of the leading education organizations we work with; Bar Ilan University, Beit Berl College, The Hebrew University, The College of Management…