With a background of nearly three decades, Magalcom continues to solve finance and banking challenges through best-of-breed products and services. We have partnered with the region’s leading bank and finance institutions to offer a rich platform of finance and trading room solutions.

Today Magalcom specializes in developing integration solutions for trade rooms in banks and finance organizations. The company has specifically developed an expertise in designing, building and integrating trade floor systems and solutions.

To truly meet high industry standards, Magalcom partnered with the leading global trade room vendors including; Orange Business Services (Etrali), NICE and Wey Technology. Together Magalcom delivers ground breaking trade room system integration and installations including; video switches and telephony systems.

After building a strong relationship with Trade Room customers, the natural next step was to respond to a growing need to develop revenue growing solutions.

Magalcom developed a trade room platform aimed at generating a new stream of revenues. After exploring trader-customer interaction and learning its scope, the company successfully implemented new processes, tools and technologies to generate a revenue boosting environment.

Amongst our leading clients: Bank Hapoalim, Psagot Finance, Israel Discount Bank, Bank Leumi, Bank Igud, Phoenix Finance Group, Mizrachi Bank, Visa CAL, Menorah Insurance and more…