CommunicationsFor over 30 years Magalcom has been leading the communication infrastructure market as both a techmolojy leader and in large scale projects. Magalcom has been able to hold this lead due to a unique combinationof achievments.

Vendor Training and certification.

  • Magalcom is licensed by leading global manufacturers to plan, supply, install and maintain structured cabling systems made by; Panduit, Tyco AMP-NetConnect, R&M and 3M, Systimax, Siemens, Corning and more…
  • Magalcom is also licensed and approved by leading government bodies, including the Standards Institution of Israel (ISO 9001:2000); registrar of contractors; network end point license; licensing, marketing and installing communication and radio equipment of behalf of the Ministry of Communications; licentiate supplier of Ministry of Defense with unlimitedly sum; licentiate supplier of Accountant General division in Ministry of Finance, and more.

Products planning and development

  • Magalcom develops designs and produces a wide range of advanced infrastructure products including; communication cabinets, routing boards, optical infrastructure devices, end point outlets and more.

Technological innovation

  • Magalcom continues to contribute to the infrastructure market and leads it through the endorsement of new technologies. These technologies provide our clients with the most up-to-date solutions while helping to preserve existing investments and a high level of service
  • Expertise in location-based management systems, representing key technological developments in communication infrastructures, data security and IT resources management
  • Exclusive representation for TYCO AMP-NetConnect – the largest global manufacturer of cabling systems
  • Offers a comprehensive solution for cabling infrastructure’s management as part of the organizational network resources management

Installation by the company’s own employees

  • Most of the installations by Magalcom were undertaken by the company’s employees. This method ensures complete control over the level of execution, implementation under tight schedules, and the ability to provide long term service

Nationwide spread

  • Being logistically close to the customers sites enable us to provide an unmatched level of service

Projects management

  • Every project has a manager responsible for coordinating all the needed proceedings to lead to completion by schedule
  • The project’s manager is backed up by an advanced IT system and logistic setup
  • The combination of these factors together with each project’s manager’s experience ensures project success
  • The logistic setup backing up the manager; technical support, production, acquisition and logistics, computerized signboards, documentation, training and more

A full view of customer needs

  • The diversity of the company’s operations includes; setting up Data Centers, communication equipment, network and low voltage systems’ integration, etc. – provide the employees with the ability to view the project on a macro level and fully understand the customer and project needs
  • Our holistic approach means the customer is subject to high resolution project management

Experience, experience and more experience

  • Over 30 years of experience in constructing thousands of projects of any scope, in any sector and complexity stands tantamount to the success of the next project