MMS – Magalcom Managed Services

service_magalcomservicesMagalcom supplies a wide range of managed services to support customer’s IT infrastracture. All managed services are based on advanced monitoring equipment which is installed at customer sites and includes an online report system which is connected to Magalcom’sown Operations & Control Center.

The company’s  Operations & Control Center operates on a 24*7 basis by an experienced team of operators who analyzes the data received and acts as dictated by various procedures which were agreed upon with the customer in advance, including activation of relevant service providers and monitoring of service activities until final resolution of the problem is achieved. All data is collected in Magalcom’s own servers and enables subsequent preparation of historical and statistical reports under any filter combination required. All data is gathered in real time and compared with the facility’s normal values for advance detection of trends and faults, prior to their occurrence, and provision of a proactive service which is expressed by the decrease in the facility’s downtime.