Municipalities have special communication and security needs but choosing the right solution for each municipality has become confusing. During the last few years municipalities have been bombarded with network integration solutions, making the ability to reach the right decision increasingly complex.

Over the years Magalcom has emerged as a preferred systems provider of security systems for municipalities. Magalcom understands how the pieces fit together. The company has years of experience in IT and network solutions and security systems for large as well as small municipalities.

Often municipalities need to install camera systems or general surveillance systems that can provide remote views of unwarranted behavior. However these systems can be costly if the wrong decision is reached.

Magalcom, has partnered with a growing number of municipalities, and helped many save costs and avoid management blunders.

Magalcom has vast experience in converging IT technologies for municipalities and has specialized in developing robust networks to accommodate the integration of multiple systems.

With a broad background in IT, communication, network and security, Magalcom is the right partner to develop the best approach for municipality’s network challenges.