service_businessroomMagalcom had designed and developed a new generation of dealing rooms in all the banks in Israel including: Hapoalim, Mizrahi, Igud, Leumi, Beinleumi, Discount, and Mercantile Discount.

In all of these dealing rooms, we implemented the most up-to-date technologies and business models in the world. All of the projects were completed to the full satisfaction of the banks and organizations, without any failure and on schedule.

Magalcom has partnered with it’s spinoff company FTL ( to provide an integrated software solution for the dealing room environment. Using the Traderwind Platform supplied by FTL Magalcom can provide a seamless environment for today’s dynamic trading environmnet with a unique, one of a kind integrated solution.


  • Expertise in designing and building complete dealing rooms, including telephony and switching systems
  • Full turn-key for planning and executing all parts of the project including ongoing work
  • Vast experience and capabilities in working with dealing rooms critical systems
  • Most of the telephony systems in the dealing rooms in Israel were supplied, installed and maintained by Magalcom
  • The banks’ satisfaction mostly results from the ability to use the systems immediately, in a user-friendly way with minor learning curves
  • Particular emphasis on the quality of the installation and service

Systems and areas of expertise:

  • Telephony systems for dealing rooms
    • Magalcom represents Etrali, from France Telecom group – specializes in developing and producing advanced communication products for dealing rooms
    • Most of the telephony systems in the dealing rooms in Israel were supplied, installed and are maintained by Magalcom
    • Etrali’s systems have been implemented in Hapoalim bank, Leumi bank, Union bank, Mizrahi bank, Psagot investments house, and more…
    • Magalcom installed systems built on Etrali-Mach 3D, the most advanced model – works with touch screen
  • Dealing rooms switching systems
    • Maglacom represents WEY, a company that specializes in developing and producing integration and switching products for IT systems in dealing rooms
    • WEY’s systems are in operation in the dealing rooms of; Leumi bamk, Mizrahi bank, Union bank and Psagot-Ofek equities
    • The systems combine designated turrets that were adapted to work with dealing room specific information systems (Reuters, Bloomberg, EBS, etc.)
  • Dealing rooms stations
    • Maglacom produces a line of designated stations called TRADESK
    • These stations provide a solution for users’ screens at different heights by using triple joints arms
    • They were successfully installed in many dealing rooms across Israel, and they are supplied in variety of colors and finishes to fit in with the architectural design
    • Magalcom has installed more than 1,000 stations in dealing and control rooms