Magalcom provides a broad range of outsourcing options of professional workers in the network management and communication fields. From our experience, we learned that no two organizations share the same needs. Every organization has its own special emphasis. Our technologies department is set to provide its expertise and to fit the most appropriate service agreement to each and every customer.

The methods available are:

  •     A bank of hours to be used when needed
  •     Assigning a permanent network manager full or part time
  •     Any combination of the two above methods, or a tailored program that meets the unique needs of the customer

Services provided to the customer when using outsourcing:

  •     Site and network resources documentation
  •     Periodic recommendations for the network’s upgrading and development
  •     Providing alternative manpower if the network manager is absent
  •     Technical backup for the network manager given by experts in our company
  •     Help desk center in the activity hours, and workers in standby in all the other hours