The healthcare sector faces tough network and connectivity challenges. Keeping up with patient’s demands for higher quality of life, and patient’s expectations for better and safer care as well as an aging society places huge challenges on healthcare networks and infrastructure.

Today’s disparate communications networks can compromise response time and interrupt collaboration and clinician accessibility, contributing to increased costs and decreased quality of patient care.

Magalcom understands the complexities and demands of implementing the right IT for security, efficiency and compliance in the medical field. That’s why Magalcom provided reliable healthcare IT solutions and support to medical practices for over two decades.

The company leverages IT investment to improve efficiency and productivity, lower network equipment costs, maximize connectivity and optimize workflows – all within a flexible framework that is easy to use and install.

Magalcom offers a full range of cost-effective, technology-savvy network resources. We have a team of experts who have been working for years with the top healthcare and global pharmaceutical institutions and hospitals. We have developed network systems for healthcare organizations, enabling uniform information views – from patient file to data center, to facilitate access to information.