To succeed in a competitive world, companies need communications and computing systems that work with each other in a completely harmonious way. Magalcom’s diverse range of operations and services provide the customer with a full professional and integrated solution through a one-stop-shop.

Magalcom is a market leader in integrative communication, computing and security solutions and services. Magalcom’s competitive advantage is based on a winning combination of:

  • 165 workers spread nationwide
  • Over three decades of experience
  • Fully integrated solutions, based on field-proven professionalism across all our activities
  • Designated solutions for a wide spectrum of industries
  • A commitment to quality and excellence based on ISO9001:2015 and other relevant professional standards
  • Business partnerships with some of the leading companies in the world
  • Powerful financial backing from Telrad – the parent company featured in the Fortissimo Capital portfolio
  • Magalcom is an owner of Oasis Technologies Communications Ltd,. Oasis is a leading integrator specializing in communication and data security. Oasis and Magalcom’s combined capabilities provides the customer with a complete professional and integrative solution from one source.

The diversity of our operations and the fact that all our expertise is in-house enables us to tailor a fitted solution to any customer need. These advantages have helped to create a unique and long-term relationship between Magalcom and its customers. A long list of satisfied customers from the public, academic and business sectors stand testimony of Magalcom’s wide scale capabilities to fit communication solutions as needed.

Communication for us is firstly and fore mostly the ability to listen, understand, and design a complete solution suited to the customer needs.

Magalcom offers comprehensive solutions in these fields:

  • Setting up computer and server rooms and Data Centers
  • Communication equipment for local and Wide Area Networks
  • Communication infrastructure and cable management for computers and telephony
  • Security systems
  • Setting up trading rooms
  • Servers and network services

Magalcom specializes in solutions for these industries:

  • Transport
  • Government and Security
  • Banking and Finance
  • Local Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hi-tech
  • Education
  • Industry and Trade