Magalcom provides a broad portfolio of network solutions that meet the IT industry’s specific business challenges. Our simple, agile, and scalable solutions based on an open, extensible architecture help IT enterprises respond to their business and user community needs within a networking environment that is easy to operate and maintain.

We apply network agility, simplicity and efficiency to deliver services that deliver acceleration, security and offload functions.

Operating nationwide we provide wired and wireless secure LANs, data center infrastructure and Ethernet solutions that are complemented by 24×7 service and support.

Our team shares in-depth experience in integrated solutions tailored to customers’ needs throughout the entire project cycle from design and construction to implementation and maintenance.

Our technicians, network administrators and engineers have extensive training and experience, backed by professional certification from leading equipment manufacturers.

We implement equipment from the world’s leading suppliers including; Cisco, Siemens, 3M, Avaya, and more… Magalcom’s Hi-tech clients include leading global players such as:  F5, Risco, Sapiens, Akamai, ECI, IBM and more…